“Yohan was incredibly generous and went above and beyond what we could have expected when he consulted with us. My partner and I have gotten more information regarding digital marketing as well as strategic marketing from Yohan than any single person or resource we’ve engaged with or tried to gather information from. Yohan uncovered & shared with us an incredible vision for our business that included numerous smart, well rounded ideas, strategies and tactics to build our business into something amazing. He created a blueprint or what we’re calling our bible and gave us the keys to the castle to grow it in a dollar-smart way with as much or as little continued help from Yohan as we desire. Additionally, he shared with us granular and outside the box tactics with regard to increasing traffic, engagement & retention in search, social media, mobile, as well as offline. He contributed many great ideas we hadn’t thought of. Overall, Yohan has likely saved our business an immense amount of time & money and instilled a level of confidence we had yet to experience.”

Sean G. - Portland, OR

“My advertising firm has been working with Yohan for over two years. We have found him to be a devoted digital marketing professional who is skilled at both strategy and execution on the web and social media fronts. He has been an invaluable team member in working with our clients, who are very ROI focused and want immediate and trackable results. Yohan will seek to find the best solutions for every problem and then execute them with care and detail. It is rare to find both left brain and right brain in one person, both the creativity as well as the business acumen, and Yohan has both. He is also quite adept at creating powerful videos for digital marketing, something much needed in today’s crowded playing field. Lastly, he is a talented photographer and we have been fortunate to be able to work with him in all of these capacities. He has helped our business enormously, both with our own marketing as well as our clients.”

Ava S. - New York, NY

“Yohan has proven to be a key business consultant, providing insights and solutions with aplomb across many areas of focus. His work with me has included consultations on various start-up opportunities, partnership negotiations, targeted analysis and marketing strategies, conceptually creative and tailored problem solves for the evolving world of digital media, and generally smart and powerful business ideas. Yohan’s counsel has saved me undue setback time & again, and helped me to confidently move forward with success driven choices. Having Yohan in my corner has opened my view to an as-of-before unseen “bigger picture”, providing a better understanding of my ever-changing environment. I trust Yohan, and he will remain an integral part of my arsenal for years to come.”

Carrie R. - New York, NY

“I learned a great deal from our time together that will surely help me move my business forward. The market research and discovery Yohan did helped me understand much better the journey I have ahead and uncovered some huge opportunities. I’m certain the blueprint Yohan created & the insight he shared will help me build a stronger & more lucrative business, much faster with a lot less stress. It was very clear to me that Yohan genuinely cared about me and my business.”

Adam B. - Denver, Co

“Yohan was able to give me great insights into mastering SEO rankings, and as well, shared great strategies and tactics involving Social Media & Direct Mail.”

Lee C. - New Orleans, LA

“Yohan was at maximum capacity and still made time to strategize with me. He was able to open my eyes to different ways of seeing things. He introduced new ideas, value driven methodology & sound logic. He is a thought leader in the space with vast digital insight into consumer experience. I really appreciate it & won’t forget it. Many thanks”

John L. - New York, NY

“Working with Yohan has completely changed my perspective on how to run my business.  He has helped me build a platform from the ground up that is much larger and better than my original vision.  He has coached me along the way and helped me make important decisions that have led me and my business in the right direction.  Yohan is a workaholic in the best sense.  He’s always there to help or fix a problem and always responds in a timely fashion.  His knowledge of social media marketing, building platforms, structuring a business and creating business building strategies is remarkable.  I would highly recommend Yohan to anyone looking to bring their online business and presence to the next level.  He’s professional and great to work with.”

Scott K. - Maplewood, NJ

“My business has increased ten fold since Yohan started helping me out. Super happy with the site he built and last checked, Ranking for 63 + terms on Google! I’ve learned a ton from Yohan and now think about business very differently. Yohan is consistently in contact with new strategies, concepts & tactics – I would love to implement them all! It’s great to have someone you can trust on your side with regard to your livelihood.”

Mark M. - Brooklyn, NY

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